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Cuñada is La Doña of Mexican Flavor. Experience a traditional Mexican Grill and Agave Bar located in the heart of the French Quarter. We’re a family-owned business, operated by immigrants and business partners Eddy Pasos and Yarda Ramesh.

Cuñada (sister-in-law in Spanish) is an intimate, colorful destination to enjoy authentic Mexican food in New Orleans, accompanied by a rotating menu of sumptuous Agave-based margaritas and cocktails expertly crafted by our in-house Tequilier. In everything that we do, we challenge the assumption that all Mexican food is fast and cheap. Not designed for quick dining, at Cuñada we encourage our guests to take their time and savor the experience. Our corn tortillas are made in-house, and many of our seasonal ingredients are locally sourced.

While working together at Yarda’s previous business, Jägerhaus German Restaurant in New Orleans, Eddy and Yarda conceived of the idea of opening a traditional Mexican restaurant together in the French Quarter; one that offered high-quality, delicious cuisine on the menu that the Tex-Mex restaurants in the Crescent City didn’t offer, and that reminded Eddy of the mouthwatering, traditionally prepared food he enjoyed growing up in Sonora, Mexico. 

The moniker of Cuñada honors family-named convenience stores and food carts in Mexico, while also being a cheeky reference to the loving, LGBTQIA inclusive environment our bilingual staff strives to cultivate. In 2014, while at CampCamp, a space catering to gay men in Portland, Oregon, Eddy and Yarda landed on the future name for their Mexican Grill & Agave Bar after fellow campers started lovingly referring to Eddy as Cuñada. On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Eddy and Yarda opened Cuñada’s doors for a soft opening, and together they have been serving up traditional Mexican dishes and cocktails in the Quarter ever since.

Visit Cuñada until 1am to enjoy high-quality Mexican cuisine in New Orleans, and to learn more about agave and Mexican culture in fun and delicious ways.



Eddy is the face and heart of Cuñada, giving soul to the vision that he and co-owner Yarda Ramesh share. Born in Sonora, Mexico, in a small town called Estacion Corral, Eddy is passionate about sharing his culture with Cuñada’s guests from around the world. After working for many years as a Creative Director and Bartender in Mexico, Eddy met Yarda in Playa del Carmen, and then eventually moved to the United States. Later on, the two collaborated and open Cuñada.

Eddy is very knowledgeable and passionate about Mexican cuisine and Agave, and enjoys functioning as an informal cultural ambassador for every guest. Learn more about Eddy’s Agave Classes and other educational events.



At Cuñada, Yarda manages operations and keeps things running smoothly. After 6 years of owning and operating Jägerhaus in New Orleans, Yarda was eager to create a space in the Quarter that not only honored his friend Eddy Pasos’ culture, but was an opportunity to celebrate Yarda’s own personal connections to Mexico. Fluent in Spanish, Ramesh has visited Eddy’s home country many times, and loves the opportunity to share traditional Mexican cuisine with Cuñada customers. Yarda, a native of the Czech Republic, lived in Germany before moving to New Orleans in 1998, where he has made strides in the local Hospitality industry.

Along with his business partner Eddy, Yarda is proud to reflect the inspiring journey of immigrant business owners in New Orleans.